Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jessica Got a Letter!

Hey there Lovelies!

I hope all is well with you! I have big news and am super excited! Watch the video! For those of you who wanted Valentines or if you won the Jess Points, your cards and gifts go out tomorrow!

Until next time we can only Dream!
Jessica Nicole

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winner of the January Points!

So here are the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place Winners for Jess Points of January. New points start TODAY, February 1st! Good Luck!

Third Place (Tie!) With 17 points Each:



Second Place With 18 Points:


First Place With 20 Points:


Yay! Congrats to everyone. Expect a little surprise from me soon!

Until next time we can only Dream,
Jessica Nicole

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Thirty Day Disney Challenge- Day Number Twenty-One

An Overrated Movie

So obviously with applictions and the interviews (and school starting) I have been slacking with my challenge. So I suppose I failed it! Oh well, I shall finish it all now.

This movie is way overrated. I think that for the most part it is a good movie but the "punk" kids have made it a big deal. If you have ever been to a HotTopic store, you understand. My most overrated movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Until next time we can only Dream,
Jessica Nicole

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Dreaded Phone Interview!! AHHH!!!

Let me start be saying "Oh My Lanta". That is my phrase to remain calm. Try it. "Oh'. (breathe) "My". (breathe) "Lanta". (relax) See dont you feel way better. I know, Im amazing for coming up with that! Anywho... the phone interview is not that bad. I had Ginger. She called at 9:31am. It was scheduled for 9:30am and she was right on time. So everyone always wants to know what they asked so here is what I studied for:

~Why oh Why questions!~
Why are you a good candidate for this program?
How will you provide good customer service?
Why do you want to do the CP at this point in my life?
What can you offer the company?

~Situational Questions!~
What will you do if a guest doesn’t speak English and needs help?

What is one way you can make a child’s day extra magical?

What can you learn from working at Disney?

Describe a time you had to work with a difficult situation.

Describe a memory of a past job.( or made a guest happy)
If you were doing a task that was repetitive, how would you make it exciting?

Describe a time you were not able to make a guest happy.

~Questions to ask the interviewer:~
Are there possibilities to move up within the company?

Are there opportunities to extend at the end?

How did Professional Internships work?

How long can I expect until I hear a decision?

Would you consider doing custodial or quick food and beverage?

~Questions about your Past!~
Are you familiar with the Disney Parks?

What is your favorite job from my past?

What were your past jobs?

Describe a memory of a past job.( or made a guest happy)

Do you have cash handling experience?

How do you handle with people from diverse backgrounds?

Describe a time you were not able to make a guest happy.

~Questions about You!~
Name 3 positive qualities about yourself.

Name 3 negative qualities

How do you feel about talking to large groups of people?

What are you most looking forward to working for the Disney Program?

What are three words your coworkers would use to describe you?

Are you a team player or prefer to work alone?
Who is your favorite Character? (How are you like them?)
What would you look for in an applicant?

What is a magical moment you have had at the Parks?

How do you feel about working in the heat?


Have you ever lived with anyone, like in a dorm setting?

Do you mind being away from home?

What do you expect when you arrive in Florida?
Do you mind working mornings, evening, holidays or weekends?
Do you like to have busy work or slow work?
How would you handle a disagreement with roommates?
Do you anticipate anything bad in housing?
What is the order of the roles you picked? (Why and how are you qualified?)

1.) Attractions
a. What would you do if the child was too short to ride a ride?i. I would let the child know that there were plenty of other great rides they could ride and suggest my favorites.
b. What would you say to an unhappy guest if lines where really long?
i. I would say that I was sorry but that this particular ride was worth the extra long wait and then suggest some shorter waiting rides for after the ride they were waiting in line for.


2.) Character Attendant-
a. Why don’t the characters talk?

i. I would say Mickey is shy when there are new people around but if you go hug him than he will show you all the love he has for you.

3.) Boutique Hostess-

a. What would you say to guest if the appointments were running late?i. I would say that I was sorry but that we had a fairy god child that had an emergency and needed her ball gown fixed right away, but in a few short moments we would be helping you get ready for your prince.
A. Do you have salon experience?
4.) Photo pass
A. Do you have any pervious experience doing professional camera work?
5.) Costuming
A. Do you mind not being in the publics eye and not interacting with guest?

Hopefully that gives you an idea of what you can study for. The questions that are highlighted are the ones I was asked or asked them. If you have any questions post them on facebook or youtube or right here!

Until next time we can only Dream,
Jessica Nicole

Applications and Web Interview

Hey Hey Hey Lovelies!

Welcome to my REAL START to the Walt Disney World College Program. So on Wednesday the 19th I got an amazing text from Diana saying "APPS ARE UP" and from Patrick saying "Tara is coming!!!" Which means Jessica rushed home from her job, called Jarvis and got all freaked out! When I got home I sat down and locked my door. I sat in front of my computer and did the application. It is very basic information.

Social Security Number
Permanent Address
Temporary Address
Year Graduate
Last 3 Employers
Additional Qualification
Crime Questions
Role Checklist

And that is it for the Application! Than you go to do the Web Interview. Let me start by saying IT is NOT that Bad! The first set of questions you have 50 seconds to answer. The second set of questions you have 20 seconds to answer. It is a really easy group of questions like:

I am always on time to work (Strongly Agree)
People love to get my perspective on things (Strongly Agree)
I get nervous in new situations (Strongly Disagree)
I like to be the partier of the group (Agree)

Everything is rated from Strong Disagree to Strong Agree. I personally went almost all Strong's, a few regular and no neutrals. So hopefully you see the same board I did after the web interview saying I was a good candidate and that I could call the hot line. I called the hot line and scheduled my interview for Friday the 21st at 9:30 am. That story is in my next blog!

Until next time we can only Dream,
Jessica Nicole

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Hill Over, One More Hill to Go!

To my lovely followers:
So those of you who already know, I am sorry if I am repeating myself but here it goes... I PASSED MY WEB INTERVIEW!!! Yay me! Now I have one more interview and it is a phone interview. Mine is currently scheduled for Friday, January 21st at 9:30am (pacific standard time)! I hope that everyone who I haven't already heard from, sends me messages letting me know how YOUR web interview is going! I am sending Jessica's Magical and Spazzy thoughts your direction. Remember we are ALL family and we are all here for one another! Love ya guys and gals! I you want to read a good blog on the web interview please see the following blog by Catherine : 
Until next time we can only Dream,
Jessica Nicole

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Thirty Day Disney Challenge- Day Number Twenty

My Favorite Disney Sequels

This one is a newer sequel and it is the best one, even though it is the third one in the series! Third try was the charm for this sequel! It is Toy Story 3! If you havent seen this movie... go see it right NOW!

Until next time we can only Dream,
Jessica Nicole